X-Loader / MLO With a Custom Payload

X-Loader (MLO) (u-boot/common/spl/spl.c, responsible for eMMC initialization and executing the u-boot binary) first parses the image header info (u-boot/common/spl/spl.c:spl_parse_image_header) which effectively does this:

if (magic number of header == IH_MAGIC) {
  set spl_image to the detected image
else {
  fill in spl_image assuming u-boot.bin
call spl_image->entry_point()

IH_MAGIC is set to 0x27051956, the default magic number when creating an image with mkimage. This image can be called from within u-boot at the u-boot command line. By default, the SPL assumes a `uImage` payload and if not found, tries to launch u-boot.


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