Android-x86 on IFC6410

Documenting how to get Android-x86 up on an IFC6410.


0. Install repo.
1. Get the source. Shallow syncing to save space (full source >30G):

mkdir android-x86
cd android-x86
repo init --depth=1 -u -b kitkat-x86 -g default,arm,pdk,-darwin
repo sync -j16

2. add local_manifests ( with drm_gralloc and mesa at the right location.


Compiling the kernel:

EDIT: apply kernel-* at over 4.2 (integration-linux-qcomlt) to get logger and disable gpu auth.

git clone
git checkout -t origin/integration-linux-qcomlt
cd kernel
make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=~/devel/android-x86/prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-eabi-4.6/bin/arm-eabi- qcom_defconfig
make -j16

The zImage needs to have a binary blob prepended to it to boot with the LK bootloader on IFC6410.

cat fixup.bin arch/arm/boot/zImage arch/arm/boot/dts/qcom-apq8064-ifc6410.dtb > zImage-dtb

Building Android-x86 requires JDK (see build requirements). I used JDK 7 on openSUSE, and needed a bunch of patches to get a successful build:

Single Patch:

This may be helpful when applying the first patch, since repo doesn’t support diff style patching.

EDIT: use repo diff at instead.!topic/repo-discuss/43juvD1qGIQ should work to apply.

The Qualcomm specific init scripts (not packaged with Android-x86) are available here.

git clone ~/devel/qcom-android

cd android-x86/system/core

git apply ~/devel/qcom-android/android-x86-avoid-parentheses-from-fdt.patch

EDIT: ^ repo diff above contains these changes.

Building the source:

cd android-x86
source build/
lunch mini_armv7a_neon-userdebug
make -j8 TARGET_PREBUILT_KERNEL=<path-to-zImage-dtb> libGLES_mesa gralloc.drm

This prepares the necessary images at `android-x86/out/target/product/armv7-a-neon`.

Preparing boot.img:

Extract the qualcomm-specific init scripts (for fstab partitions) into `android-x86/out/target/product/armv7-a-neon/root` for the ramdisk. These are taken from Linaro’s android-ifc6410.

cd android-x86/out/target/product/armv7-a-neon/root
mv ~/devel/qcom-android/init.* .
mv ~/devel/qcom/android/fstab.* .

# prepare initrd
find . | cpio -o -H newc | gzip > ../qcom-ramdisk.img

# make boot.img (= zImage + ramdisk)
# from armv7-a-neon:
abootimg --create qcom-boot.img -k  -r qcom-ramdisk.img -f ~/devel/qcom-android/bootimg.cfg

Preparing system_ext4.img

EDIT: run from out/target/product/armv7-a-neon/ .

The system.img created isn’t ext4 formatted (shows as dBase IV DBT!), and init refuses to mount it as /system : (. Repacking:

dd if=/dev/zero of=system_ext4.img bs=4K count=100000  # large enough
mkfs.ext4 system_ext4.img
tune2fs -c0 -i0 system_ext4.img
mkdir system-ext4
mount -o loop system_ext4.img system-ext4/
cp -v -r -p system/* system-ext4/
umount system-ext4/



Flashing images:

Boot IFC6410 into fastboot mode by holding SW4 during power up.

fastboot flash boot qcom-boot.img
fastboot flash system system_ext4.img
fastboot continue

Reboot with a UART cable attached to get serial console.


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