Freedreno on Android: Current Status

Freedreno now supports dma-buf passing instead of GEM flinks on kitkat-x86, but with a catch. Enabling freedreno’s userspace bo cache in libdrm (bo_reuse=1) results in multiple GEM_SUBMIT calls on the same bo, and the GPU hangchecks after some activity. HACK: setting bo_reuse=0 runs Android smoothly.

While fighting some userspace GEM leaks that showed up with bo cache disabled, I started looking into adding a minigbm (used by chrome-os) backend for msm. The idea was to let GBM deal with hardware specifics and leave gralloc platform independent. Another priority was doing away with GEM names to bring in fd passing. With bo_reuse=1, fd_bo_del() calls would segfault during fd_cache_cleanup(), causing SurfaceFlinger to restart.

After watching `/sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/gem`,counting allocs and frees and scratching my head for a while, I discovered that the GEM leaks lay in AOSP’s default Home launcher, and moving to CyanogenMod’s Trebuchet launcher made the leaks go away.

Making gralloc_drm switch to dma-buf fd’s, I also got to learn how Mesa’s EGL implementation works, and wrote a couple patches ([1] and [2]) to implement __DRI_IMAGE_LOADER DRI extension that helps EGL allocate textures without dealing in flink names. These let a __DRIimage be tied to ANativeWindowBuffer and used for textures.

One possible reason with fd_cache_cleanup() segfault, assumingly, was using an old (3.19) kernel that was missing some related fix, so we decided to switch to 4.2 instead. I had to make some changes to resurrect the android logger driver since it was deprecated after Kitkat + 3.19. I learned of kernel’s Asynchronous IO support, and forward ported logger to be compatible with the kiocb API changes.This didn’t help the segfault, but fixed a screen flicker issue on the sides.

I traced the bo life-cycles through drm_{prime,gem}.c and libdrm, and finally found the problem – importing a bo present in the cache would break the cache bucket, causing any following bo_del()s to crash. The fix turned out to be simple to write, but difficult to point out.

It’s been an incredible learning experience where I got to explore a great number of modules up close, that come together to interact and form the display subsystem. I’m excited to stick around, improve support and dig up more items to work on. Thanks Rob, Emil, #freedreno, #android-x86 and #linaro for all the support!

Up next:
I’m looking into the `*ERROR* handle X at index Y already on submit list` + hangchecks that pop up with bo_reuse=1. Also need figure out how to get some games running (dexopt won’t let me install .apks : ( ).


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